What is the TB18GB Thumb Brake

The TG18GB Thumb Brake is designed to give the rider additional control over the rear brake. To give the rider confidence and flow when handling corners at speed and keeping the front of the bike on the ground.

How does it work?

Through innovative product design and development, the team at RF-NL have tirelessly engineered a solution to the installation and operation of the new thumb brake.

  • Easy Installation: The brake fits onto the bike fork with a hinged clamp and therefore requires minimal installation.
  • Thumb Brake clamp sizes: The clamps on our brake are available in various sizes (see here) and can be fitted to any modern track bike.
  • Fully adjustable: The brake leveller can be ordered as a fully adjustable option extra to ensure that the rider can operate the brake with minimal effort.
  • Operation: The brake offers smooth application of the brake without the possibility of locking up the rear wheel.