The TB18GB Thumb Brake has been designed to fit on on your fork to allow the easy application of the rear brake.


  • Easy control of the rear brake during race starts
  • Excellent positioning
  • Rear suspension control
  • Faster cornering control

Superior Engineering

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We take the Design, Management, Development and Operation of our product manufacturing process very seriously. Increasingly interlinked workflows allow us to integrate all parts of the design and build process from start to finish. This means we can modularise each step of the manufacture process based on feedback from each member of the team and ultimately the end user. These tried and tested methods ensure a superior product.

Innovation By Design

By taking a modular approach to each stage of development, we can provide an individual process for Design and Manufacture for not only each and every part of the product but applying the same theory to our team members and company overview. Our brand is a sign of quality and whilst our product line grows in quantity, every product we deliver will evolve along with us.

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The team at PMR Race Products is made up of years of experience and knowledge in both the Race Industry, Sales & Customer Service and a reliable and secure Online Sales Solution. Our customers are garuanteed that not only will they get the high quanlity products that they have paid for, but they will get them through a secure and easy to use online store.

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Philip Morris

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