Josh Williams motorcycle racing thumb brake success story.

Josh Williames #60 and his new racing thumb brake

After racing competitively for the last 2 year in super sport class I have always wonder what the motorcycle racing thumb brake would be like compared to the foot brake but couldn’t bring myself to spending £1200 on one.

The problem of not having a motorcycle racing thumb brake.

After changing to my new Honda CBR600 this year I noticed a massive difference in weight compared to the earlier CBR I had which lead me to suffering bad with wheeling coming out of corners due to the new one being much lighter. It also lead me to locking the back wheel up going into corner as I use the back brake for steering.

The benefits of a racing bike thumb brake.

Half way through this season I got in touch with Phil Morris from PMR Race Products and purchased a billet Thumb Brake.

First round with the racing bike thumb brake fitted I noticed a massive difference knocking 2 seconds off my lap time and getting my PB all season. You get so much more control with using the thumb brake and you can apply the perfect amount of pressure you need to the back brake without locking it up. Perfect coming out of corners when you need to get the power on without the front wheel lifting. 100% It made a massive difference, wouldn’t ride without one now and PMR Race Products have done an amazing job on the design and attention to detail. It’s perfect and with 25 bar it still gives you amazing braking when you need it.

Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of buying one but doesn’t won’t to spend the money of the other brands that are more expensive. This one is worth every penny!

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